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  Title: Any good games going on?
Oct 6, 2005 - 1:10 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Anybody know of any good servers?

Apr 14, 2005 - 12:18 pm
Posted By: Bovine

wow - I am back I think....

Playing on Alf's test server - you know, the one with the insanely high port prices!  Jeez, an attacker/builder like me is at a huge loss on this server (well, at least in the beginning)  Goods are going for 450 and ore for 250!  However, this doesnt mean that one can afford to still run those routes 50 times!  Remember, trade routes are for the lazy and are not the diligent player's friend.  My problem is that I dont have the patience for trading.  

Anyway, found out that an old friend is playing at the same server.  TD!  That was good to hear since I was messing with his teammate pretty heavily.  No offense Wraith, but like you said, Diplomacy is a key element to this game.  Just like I learned from another player when I was new in my first tourney (Moon, you know what I am talking about...  )

I see that alot of players are playing on Universe Empire - I might give that a try, but just like in the old days, I can't really extend any more time for an additional game.  Especially when this current one is finally heating up.  I gotta have action in these games - if not, then I tend to SD to try to find another one.

Mar 14, 2005 - 4:30 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Wow - been away for a long time.  What happened to Big?

  Title: Just some simple thoughts......
Dec 2, 2004 - 1:04 am
Posted By: Bovine

Man, I love this game.......

but, I am done with it.  I like to check the blogs every once in a while and have checked twice since I left.  I am done for good, but will check and will help players if they PM me.  I like to read the FAQ still and will help even with the .25 version, but WILL NOT play any more.

I have NEVER cheated in this game - I don't even know how to, but have been reading about this bout with SLIM.  I dont know him very well, but I have had some encounters with him and thought he was OK.  I have read both sides.  Dont know ?

Listen to Tarnus everyone.  He is fair and square and will help when asked and always responds quick to questions.  Big will also help, in his own way.  

Take care ya'll and I plan on popping in once in a while  

Take care!

  Title: The End Is Here :(
Nov 18, 2004 - 4:53 am
Posted By: Bovine

The end if here for me with AATraders.  This time it is for real.  My 56K at home is no good for this game and my work put the kabosh on my playing.  I dont know if I will be back, but at this point, I just dont think so.  I met some really interesting people on this site and dont regret my time that I devoted to playing this game.

Others have said this, but remember that this is only a game and that real life is so much more important.  Its easy to forget that, and I know that I am guilty of playing way too much over this past year.  

I am sorry everyone, but this is the way that it has to be.......

Take care!

  Title: Challenge and Main
Nov 3, 2004 - 10:40 am
Posted By: Bovine

Challenge News

Well, been challenged by Diablo and I accepted.  The game started yesterday (election day!) and Diablo only used up 16 turns.  I used all of mine and am off to a very fast start.  I dont think that Diablo can catch me at this point and with only 4 more days left, I think that he has some serious ground to make up on me.  I have a 24 hour head start and the turns are ticking up fast (settings are higher than normal).  I prefer to earn a victory, and not win like this....

Main Server News

Been annoyed by a few players in the game thus far.  I finally cracked the first page of rankings and plan on holding strong.  I have begun a war with someone and intend on seeing to it that he does not take first, or if he does, then I will do all I can to help Satman take it back.  If anybody on the main is reading this, then be ready, cuz hell is certainly coming.....  

I dont like being threatened by players who are above me in score and a few have done that already   Its funny, after they threaten me, then they log on the next day to find that I took 10-20 more of there planets.  

Anyhow, the main is a good game and I am lucky enough to be on a good team.  But, where is Phaser?

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  Title: Pull!
Oct 19, 2004 - 5:19 pm
Posted By: Bovine

just got pulled!  Good job Tarnus.  This gives me my reason to quit playing AATraders.  It has been a pleasure playing with everyone!  Take care ya'll!

edit:  perhaps a break is more in order....

Another Edit a day later   :


There is no excuse for this.  It appears that Raven abused the main tourney server and was able to hide because he cheated.  My faith in DE is completely shot - never again will I participate in one of their games, nor a tourney on their server.  How many turns were used and how much time was waisted looking for him?  Answer = tons.  I personally didn't waist as much as Big, Phaser, and Tarnus did, but I know Phaser waisted ALOT of time looking for him.  That sucks - this game absorbs energy and  a lot of real life time just to get ahead, and now we find our efforts were waisted looking for someone that couldn't be found.

I am going to go out on a limb here to recite some instances that leads me to believe another is also suspicious.  His name is Tempest.  I believe he is clever in his cheating, as he commonly will say this, "man, I am sick of being accused of cheating when I play well!", or "Every time I do something good, people accuse me of cheating". Big commonly calls Raven, Tempest JR., and Raven told us that he is using Tempest's proven method of planet tending.......  But, that alone doesn't incriminate Tempest.  The following sets of circumstances do though:

1.  The first time I noticed something "fishy" was on one of the original DE games.  We played for weeks.  I know this AATraders well enough to be able to gage, based on a player's score, what tech levels (roughly ), their big ship should have.  Tempest was able to repeatedly break through my SD with one swipe, and it showed on the logs.  So, I knew it wasn't nova bomb use as that DOESN'T show on the logs.  He was able to take out 50mil in SD with one attack and his overall score was in the range of 5-7 million only!  He said it was because of debris and at that time the DE server had generous debris with little risk, so I let it go.......that was somewhat believable.

The second time was the same game but later in it.  It was at the very end, and Tarnus and Moon joined about a week prior to get some practice for the upcoming tourney.  Tempest essentially had one HUGE planet that had crazy techs and was well hidden.  He left a trail to it and I found it.  He had ALOT of money and my big ship with a range of 37-38's couldnt touch it or even see it without alot of refreshes.  He was parked on it also with his big ship.  I Nova'd it and blew up his planet and his ship soon after.  His score went down from like 30mil to about 10mil.  He logged on right after that and you know what happened?  And Big, you can relate to this - He was able to land a nova on me while I was flying around the universe.  Do you know how hard it is to hit someone with a nova bomb if they are on the move?  Its almost impossible actually, especially with misfires.  

2. The second time was the last draft tourney.  He was able to nova Big's ship while Big was on the move.  Again, doing this is hard enough for someone to actually pull it off once, but twice?  I asked him how he did it, and he told me that Big uses the same spy sectors all the time and he knew which sectors Big spies from.  That is a good excuse, and is possible, but he forgot that he also hit me that same way on his server months before that.  

3. The third thing is this:  Tempest will state that he has great "spy" data.  Everything he finds early in the game is from "spy" date.  He must use spys better than anyone else in the game then, becuase he gets this information every time.  Again, this is possible, and I have gotten good spy data in the past, but it is VERY rare to have a top player goto alot of his/her planets with your spy on his/her ship.  Its possible, but it doesn't happen often.

4. Overstating the obvious.  He overstates that he doesnt cheat, and says that way too often and also defends the other admin at DE (I forgot his name ) and has said that the other guy has that "old dungeon and dragons sense of fairness"  I used to play D&D in my youth, and I suspect many who play AATraders did the same.  I took him at his word and trusted in him. There needs to be a very HIGH sense of fairness if your gonna make D&D work.  I am NOT saying the other admin is cheating, just Tempest and Raven.

I think Tempest is a great player and knows a ton of good stuff about this game and shares that knowledge admirably.  However, he has all good answers to each of the 4 above issues.  It is suspicious is all.  This is my opinion only and not that of ANY other player - only me!

Finally, I don't want Tempest to quit playing this game, only to play fair.  Tempest and Raven, if I am correct , work at the same place, or are buddies.  If one is suspicious, then the other is too.  The apple doens't fall too far from the apple tree

One final thought - I dont think that Tempest is a "constant" cheater.  I don't think that he cheats to the point of ruining a game - like what Raven just did.  I do think that he is prone to use admin powers when he is ticked off at another player for doing something to him.  Like finding his lair early in the game or taking out his big ship.  All these incidents happened almost immediately after something bad happened to him.  


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  Title: Tourney News
Oct 13, 2004 - 6:22 pm
Posted By: Bovine

I got a bad start to this tourney.  I couldnt start until the second day, and then, after trading my first 6K turns away, I hit an Indy mine field (I confirmed it was Indy later) and lost my hull.  I didnt start building yet and had only 3K in turns left so I as at a huge loss.  I built some planets in a blue star upgrade port which was close to sol and populated what I could.  I could only put down roughly 12mil colonists on only two planets, so I knew I was in for a long, uphill battle.

Now I am in fourth place after some strategic attacks and some good building.  Lets see what happens till the bitter end, shall we?

Big is bored he says.  Then quit or shut-up and play.

Max, ur doing this great this tourney.  You have shown that you do have the skills.  Now, just keep ur head and you will be up there in score.

Phaser is gonna win this one is my prediction.

Peace all

Tourney Edit/Update 10-15-04

Big quit, Raven is still well hidden, and Phaser takes the lead.  There is not much talent left in this tourney and that is a shame.  Nontheless, those that are left will stick it through to the end and there are still around 6-7 players that in my opinion are worth a d.a.m.n

side note:  my start was bad this time, but I lost my internet connection from late Monday to early Friday and it was in and out the whole time, but mostly running VERY slow   I am in fourth or fifth now, but only there because 3 key players quit and Diablo was killed.  With my internet down, I know I would be lower in ranking - no doubt around 7th or 8th.  But, my connex killed my score for this first few days, but now its up and this game will be a different story

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  Title: Countdown to the Tourney
Oct 8, 2004 - 4:38 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Countdown to the tourney...... tick, tick, tick...  Alas, I will not be able to get started until tomorrow morning, so most will no doubt get that head start on me.  There have been alot of people joining and of course about half of them have not registered their profile yet.  How many times do people need to be reminded?  


Ok, so onto the tourney....  I think that I am excited about this one and will focus alittle bit on it.  There are plenty of new names in it and lots of the same old, same old.  

Naturally, look for:
3.BBB (Big)
4.Cross (Phaser)
5.Moonraker(not sure if he is in this time or not though)
6.Queen Amidala

Watch ur sorry heads if you find these players sniffing around your beloved planets and most importantly, watch ur ship.

The other possibles (in my opinion ) to end up in the top ten are Ice (Dark Soul), Diablo, Gino the Snake (FPJ), Max Griswald (no mistakes this time Max!), Ramasi (never played with him, but good score on the main), Wild Angel, and The Donald (The iron sheik)

If I missed ya, then I am sorry.  I know these lists are antiquated, but they are fun and they do stir up some discussion.  
My pick for the top 5 are as follows:

1. Satman
2. BBB
3. Queen Amidala
4. Ramasi
5. The Donald (you are due.....   )

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  Title: DE
Oct 2, 2004 - 4:13 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Well, I couldn't resist.  Joined again over in DE - actually the same game that I quit playing in about 3 weeks ago.  The settings there are good for quick growth, so maybe I can give the top guys a run in about a week or so    I figured what the hay - if I limit myself to playing about an hour per day, I think I should be fine    Can't afford at this point to play too much any more with real life being way too important now.  Is that or  ?  I think its actually    LOL

New Tourney??

I am looking forward to a singles tourney hosted by Alf.  I have always thought that he was a straight shooter and I know that this tourney will go off without a hitch with him being the admin for it.  I am noticing more players from the main who are gathering some experience are posting blogs.  Thats great!  Its always a good thing to see new players who haven't played in past tournaments saying that they are happy with this game.  I love competition and look forward to the tournaments the most - lets face it, the tourneys are host to the best this game offers.   I hope to see some new *good* players in this next tourney.  Wonder if its gonna be .25?  

Anyway, glad to see that you discovered the art of the smiley face Langel!  

Edit 10-6-04

On to the DE server..... been playing for a few days now and moved through the riff-raff already.   Found a *decent* hidie hole and got on the superstar team, so that will help alot.  I want to get some shooting practice in before the singles tourney as my attack skills have probably gone down a little since the last tournament.  I am hoping that others will join this server if I keep talking about it in my blog.  It is set-up for quick growth and the nova'a cost 100bil there, so one can take an aggressive building stance if one knows how to defend well.

Tournament thoughts:

Who knows what new names we will see in the top ten at the end of this thing?  We did see alot of the same names last time, but had a few new ones in the mix also.  I would like to see more people who play alot over in the main to come over and try to play with the best.  The tournaments are host to the best action, and lets face it, the main is easy to get into the top 20.  So, a true measure of one's ability in this game would be the tournament, not the main.  Although, I must admit, the main game is fun

But, again, I hope to see NEW names in this singles tournament and I hope to see new names in the top ten.  It is getting old going against the same people time and time again

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  Title: Been cold turkey for a week....
Sep 20, 2004 - 4:14 pm
Posted By: Bovine

I haven't played the game for a week now and I just now getting over those withdrawal shakes.  Is that normal?    I have been keeping up with other's blogs and I agree 100% with Kwae Zar's blog about admins changing the rules mid-game.  Grrrr.... that is very frustrating.  He said enough for me not to say much here, but please, read his blog - especially if you are one of those pesky admins who change the rules mid-game

Anyway, I am looking forward to the next tourney.  It looks like it might not be for a while and that works well for me.  Remember?  I am off the juice?  Duuuhhhh!!!  

Anyway, good shooting out there and next time you see my name on your server.....     Duck!

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  Title: Well it happened..... :(
Sep 10, 2004 - 3:53 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Well, it happened over on the DE server.  I made that fatal mistake of hitting a mine trap and blew up my big dog.  I have to say this - the settings over there are good - I really like the higher prices for the the novas.  They should have stayed at 250bil though.  But, because the prices where so high I had to stick with a hull bigger than 10 .  I never do that on my big ships.....  I had about 200mil in deflectors and that was obviously not enough.  Hit a huge mine field layed by the enemy and went BOOM!

If my team sees this blog, then I am sorry to let them down.  My score was cut in half and everything at that point was forfeit.  I self-destructed in a fit of laughter as I stopped caring about that game once that happened.  I need to take a long brake from AATraders I think.  I have been playing way too much ever since the start of that last tourney.  I normally play about 1 hour a day, but for about the last month it has been way more than that.  My god! LOL.

I will stick to the main.  Been playing there for about a week now and almost in the top 20.  My team has been good to me with help and there are alot of underdefended planets to take over   

Good luck over on the Darkelves server Lucy!  You're gonna need it!  

Edit:  well, I quit the main too....   I gotta go cold-turkey.  Eliminate all temptation..... lol.

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Sep 10, 2004 - 4:36 pm

  Title: Top Player Lists
Aug 28, 2004 - 1:05 pm
Posted By: Bovine

This is a work in progress, so please bear with me.  I figured that other players post, in their opinions, the top players in the game, so I figured I would do the same.  I kept myself off all of the lists - in fairness, I dont belong on some, perhaps most, anyway.  This information is mostly based on my experience in playing with/against these people mentioned.


1) Big   (obvious and his face = )
2) Tarnus   (obvious)
3) Satman   (obvious)
4) Moonraker   (not so obvious, but well deserved)
5) Phaser   (not so obvious, but well deserved)
6) Queen A.   (never played with her, but I know she is good)
7) Lucy   (very few mistakes, and I suspect she will climb up
           these rankings with more experience)
8) Tempest (alot of unforced mistakes, but still gets the nod)

*A few might feel that Tarnus is number 1 and I think that it is close between him and big, but big mostly attacks the whole time, so that is why I chose big as number 1.  A surprise in this list is Lucy, but from what I have seen, she has got the skills to take you down quickly and silently. Satman and Moon are just too smart and skilled.  I have seen strokes of pure genius from Tempest and have also seen the extreme reverse, but when he is on target, he will get the job done.

Attacking isn't all about pure,no.  It's about attacking with smarts.  This list of attackers will watch and wait like a fox until the optimal time to strike.  They take down the biggest pots (lairs) with the most money.  I respect those who attack while the enemy is online and on this list the top half does exactly that.  The bottom half is on this list because they utilize skills such as timing (as before mentioned), nova-slinging, good link management, owning the correct attack ship (i.e. correct ratio of offensive tech levels), creating trap scenarios for enemies, and make good use of spy sectors (a term coined by Tempest)


1) Fiveyes   (obvious, but where is he? )
2) Tarnus   (obvious and again number 2)
3) Satman   (obvious and again number 3)
4) Moonraker   (obvious and what is going on here? )
5) Tempest   (better builder than attacker)
6) Kwae Zar   (obvious)
7) Diablo   (obvious)
8) Lucy   (again, not so obvious, but is getting so good at
9) Fakecajun   (not so obvious, but highly skilled)

*Fiveyes is clearly number one - I dont care what anybody has to say about that.  Satman and Tarnus and Moon are all very smart and can manipulate their scores very quickly with building.  Tempest builds very fast and very early in the game, and does it well too.  Kwae Zar is mutli-talented, but building is what he does best.  Diablo is a pure builder and is picking planet placement much better lately(finally!) Lucy can be very effective with milking those planets for all they are worth, both early and late in the game.

This category is comprised of all the skills involved in building well - such as planet placement(key),grooming, macro-banking (perfect term from Kwae Zar), defending them, etc.... Its not pure building that is the key here, but making your planets as profitably as possible is the most important thing.  Also, holding on to them... I can't stress how important that is.  Just like in real life:  making money is relatively easy, but keeping it is something else....  The smart builders keep their assets, while the poor builders tend to lose them alot


1) Bottom Gun   (this is what she does...she finds you)
2) Tarnus   (not so obvious, but he did create this game...)
3) Big   (not so obvious, but you can't attack what you don't
          find and he finds plenty to attack)
4) Moon   (obvious)
5) Uncas   (not so obvious, but well deserved)
6) Phaser   (obvious)

*  Bottom Gun devotes most of her time to this, so that is why she is number one.  The others simply know what to look for and are not easily fooled by tricks.  Also, they DO search plenty in the game, unlike others who rely on other players' information.  

This is the most under-rewarded category in this game.  Scouting is one of the keys to good attacking.  You need targets first....


1) Krazy Klingon   (very cool dude)
2) The Donald   (fairly obvious and gets along well with all)
3) Kwae Zar
4) Count Dooku   (likes to play without all the crap)
5) Lucy   (will take a beating and not quit)
6) Phaser   (obviously a class act)
7) Alf   (fair beyond belief)
8) Tarnus (sorry, I forgot you earlier)

* I dont think there is much to say about this category, but again this is in my own PERSONAL experience.  I could have missed someone and if I did I am sorry...   Just wanted to mention something about Tarnus - he is accused of cheating ALOT as he is admin ALOT and also the best player in the game.  He takes it with stride and doesn't simply stop playing "cold-turkey".  I admire that...

Its not what happens to you that is nearly as important as how you deal with it.  These players deal with the ups and the downs with good stride.  They win with a good attitude and lose with grace.  They have the right perspective and that is this:  IT IS ONLY A GAME.  There are NOT many controversies that surround these players, and that is one key piece in making this list....

*this is a VERY difficult category to gage...

1) Tarnus   (again, he understands more than anyone else)
2) Fiveyes   (obvious)
3) Alf   (learned alot from Fiveyes)
4) Tempest   (obvious)
5) Satman   (obvious)
6) Moonraker   (obvious)
7) Big   (not obvious, but he understands more about this than
          he will let on.... )

*  Tarnus is number one because that is just the way it is.  Fiveyes could be number one because he has the patience to fully maximize the benefits of trading.  Alf played with Fiveyes a ton, so that is why I am putting him as third best in trading - he can trade.  I believe that Tempest is excellent at trading simply because he builds so fast.  This is interesting and I will tell you why:  he can populate planets in a big way early on and you can only do that with a decent enough hull.  He is able to get that bigger hull very effeciently through trading very well.  Satman and Moon are naturally obvious, and Big is craftier than we all think.  He lets on to being a great attacker, but he can trade when he needs to and do it very effectively...

Trading is a tough category to gage one's skills.  You need to look at turns being used early in the game and watch the ER.  But, it can be an illusion at times, especially when a team is snowballing assets in the beginning.  Anyhow, these players DO NOT "blow-up", or over-use a single trade route, because there is a point where a trade route will become inefficient and these players certainly understand that.  They use the right commidities and are always watchful of that "bottom-line".  They realize that trading routes are not your friend and have the fortitude to muscle through the time of finding the right ports to trade in.  Here is a tool that all successful traders need to live by: BUY LOW, SELL HIGH.  Perhaps these players should work in the financial services industry in the real world .

*gaged as a teammate AND an enemy

1) Fiveyes   (high integrity)
2) Alf   (again, very fair in the game and his word is solid)
3) Tarnus (I forgot you ealier)
4) Krazy Klingon   (obvious)
5) Lucy   (obvious)
6) Count Dooku   (not well known, but can be trusted)
7) Kwae Zar   (obvious)
8) Bottom Gun   (obvious)
9) Future Breed Machine   (not so obvious, but high integrity)
10) CSimplex   (can be trusted)
11) Phaser    (handled himself with integrity last tourney)
12) The Donald   (obvious)

*I played with Fiveyes many times and I remember a tourney that was cancelled early.  It was the last day and I attacked a player on another team that we had a truce with.  The attack didn't matter, but Fiveyes was mad that I did that.  His word is his bond.  Alf plays this game with a very high level of integrity.  Lucy and Dooku can always be trusted, and the same goes for Kwae Zar.  Bottom Gun and CS are obvious choices as well.  I played with FBM a couple of times, and he is stilll learning, but helped alot.  Phaser and The Donald had to be mentioned because of they way they held themselves during the last tourney.  In the words of the great Alf:  CHEERS!!   edit (9-1-04) I suppose that I could have put moon or satman or even Big on this list, but I chose not to for reasons of my own.  I believe this three will not welch on an agreement or screw you if you are on the same team as them.  However, this category is also a measure of how they work when they are the enemy also, and in my experience playing against these people, I am not so sure......  

OK, this category is based on both playing WITH (or on the same team) and playing AGAINST these players.  These are the types of players that do what they say they are going to do.  They don't really play the politics or disinformation game.  If they are going to attack you then they hit you straight up, without backstabbing or lying to you first.  You can have an agreement (if they choose to agree of course) with these players and not worry about them breaking it......

1) Big  (most obvious)
2) Tarnus  (yes, another list he made... )
3) Tempest  (obvious)
4) Max Griswald  (likes to attack as much as he can)
5) Vicious  (a newbie, but wants to make a name for himself)

* Big is no doubt the most aggressive player in this game.  It doesnt matter if it is the first day or the last, once he finds you, he will eventually attack you.  Him and Tarnus will usually hang around links from sector 1 on the first day of a tourney and kill as many pioneers as they can.  Which is another reason why Tarnus is number 2.  Tempest says that he prefers to build only and will only attack when he is attacked first, but we all know that he will bring it first, which shows aggression.  Max Griswald gets bored with building, and needs action, but needs to be smarter with his attacking..

These are the players that you need to cautious of at all times.  These are the vicious attackers that you should not be surprised when they come knocking at your front door.  If you see them around your sectors you better be careful, becuase there is a very good chance that within a few days, you will be hit.....


1) Big  (most obvious choice )
2) Max Griswald  (obvious)
3) Takashi  (obvious)
4) C. Arnau  (not well know, but obvious)
5) Namibia  (difficult choice, but yes, belongs here)
6) Moonraker (difficutl choice, but can takes things personal)

* Big is his own worst enemy.  He is very serious about this game and gets personal with many other players.  Also, he admits that a game is not worth playing when he is losing, and that self-destructing is not beneath him.  This is not "Big bashing", just an observation.  Max is just Max, but you gotta love him.  He uses the shout alot to complain, but we all accept him for that.  Besides, he is the only one that actually asked to be on this list   Takashi complains about cheating when he is losing, as does Big - ALOT.  Namibia doens't like to get attacked and normally has something to say after every hit against him.  I like Namibia personally, but I had to include him on this list   I also like and respect Moon.  He is not on this list because he complains in the shout, but because (in my own personal experience) he becomes agitated when he is pressed and will let you know it.

Nothing really good or constructive to really say about this category.  I wasn't going to include this section, but others have, so I figured I would also.  Whining isn't all bad, and some are worse than others.  This category is all about frequency of complaints, quitting, accusations of cheating, and getting personal with someone and becoming just plain rude or mean to them.  As soon as something like that happens you will be labeled by me as a whiner, because once again, THIS IS ONLY A GAME!

Game Smarts/Overall Best:

1) Tarnus/Satman  (the only tie I will allow)
2) Moonraker  (very consistant and stable)
3) Queen Amidala  (when she plays....)
4) Big  (when he wants to play, he is almost unbeatable)
5) Bovine (only list I will name myself)
6) Fiveyes  (AWOL at this time, but a technician of this game)
7) Phaser (tough as nails and very smart)
8) Tempest  (would be higher, but makes mistakes at times)
9) Alf  (not so obvious, but knows everything)
10) Wild Angel  (obvious choice)

* I couldn't resist inserting myself onto this list.  I feel it is fair.  Tarnus and Satman are too darn close to call, so they both get the nod for first place all-around.  Moonraker is indeed right behind and the Queen is way too good.  Big can totally dominant a game and then be a nobody the next, but when he is emotionally into the game, then watch out.  Fiveyes was the most creative player that I have ever come across, but wasn't the best attacker.  Phaser and Tempest do belong on this list, there is no doubt at that.  Alf and Wild Angel - I view them as the same actually.  They know alot and are two VERY good players, but sometimes they faulter....  However, give them a chance and they will be tops.

Best Blogs is coming soon....

oh, and Langel, this list will not fall into disuse, but man, it takes a while building it.....  

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  Title: Tourney is OVER!!! :)
Aug 20, 2004 - 8:54 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Ok, the tourney is over and that gets a huge HUUU-RRAHHHH!  Us Rabbits took 3rd , which was only 5K in points behind the Dogs..  Man, that was good until the very end...

A few specific words on some specific players:

Moon:  you are tough buddy, in the both the attack and the politics behind the game.  Seriously, if anybody wants to win, its you.... but, I give you my respect as you well earned it dude....  
edit:  I just wanted to emphasis "politician"

Satman:  you dont say much, but you are good at this game my man.  Very good - perhaps the best, besides TB, as a matter of fact

Kwae Zar:  the best teammate I think I have ever had.  I would really like to play with you again.  I was a pleasure and you are mad skilled dude.  Very few mistakes and that is the key... its not the greatness so much as minimizing the mistakes
edit: well, the greatness helps.....

Tempest:  great performance, just tone it down a little and you wont get so much flack.....  But, you are one of the best, no matter how much crap others want to give you

TB:  probably the best, but what happened this game?    A great guy and I love to play against him....

Big:  ahhhhh,  Big..... hmmmm..... LOL - Big, ur cool in my book.  It was a pleasure to play against you again.  You are the most aggressive no doubt and that earns you huge respect in my book.  I would like to play WITH you at some point and lets attack together!!  
edit: I wrote these blogs after a few beers so I apologize if they sound a little this comment for Big' "lets play toghether!!"  - WTF?!?

Phaser:  a very smart player that was distracted this game with two things:  personal stuff and being a captain.  Otherwise, I am sure his score would have been tops.. but, that hit u took did hurt I realize...

Dooku:  My good friend!  U did very well brother!  Dang, for your first tourney and being very busy in the Real World, you played very well and your score showed it!!  You are a great builder and getting the attack skills too!!

Diablo:  well, you are a builder that is certain, but I cant say all nice things about everyone   This is why - you didnt do anything except build, bro!  That doesnt get too much respect from me as there are many other things in the game besides that!!!!  But, you did what you do well, that is certain
edit:  I like Diablo and I hope you didnt take this personally, but your played ur game well this time and ur score showed....

Nobody:  podded

Lucy:  one tough chick!  tough as nails and I will have her on my team any day!!  
edit:  a great builder and a good attacker - she is all over the place in any game.....

CSimplex:  Wow!  A great tournaround!  you came from nowhere and cracked the top ten dude.  That earns respect from me.  Next time get those attack skills and you will do better.  I give you one thumb up and one thumb down, like Diablo
edit:  Again, I would like to change this one also (too many beers the first time - I give you two thumbs up CS, you showed a lot of skill in the latter portion of the game)

Uncas: podded, even though you are better than that...

Renigade:  a former teammate - and you did very good, like ur buddy Dooku!  good job for ur first tourney!

Wild Angel:    dissappointing performance!  Sorry, had to say are better than that, as we all know...

Alf:  Same as Wild Angel, but I know you are one of the top ten in the game and one of the best leaders as well.  I learned alot from fiveyes and I know you did too.....


The Donald:  sorry I missed you the first time, but I was simply looking at the list you werent on it!  Good political skills in the beginning of the game really helped your team later in the game.  Truces on top of truces - interesting strategy.  TD is one of the coolest guys in the game, and is learning the skills now also, so watch your sorry heads when you see him coming....

Vicious:  podded

Zardoz:  what happened to you?  you did well for the few days that you played.

Zeon:  why even start?

Kool_Kid:  utter dissapointment.....  

Bottom Gun:  you do certainly have the scouting skills - that is certain.

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  Title: Tourney News
Aug 17, 2004 - 1:38 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Ok, well this tourney is almost over and I like to think that my team gave it a good run.  We will fight to the end of course, but the other teams have come on strong over the last few days and we lost some of our newbs (actually, I think ALL of them)

I personally made some blunders, but that is what the learning curve is all about.  Also, I can not wait to get this tourney over with!  I have been playing way too much and that is killing me in the real world   And it shows in the game - I have used the most turns so far....  Also, the last few days I have not played well at all.  The blunder that I made mention to earlier was allowing Phaser to find something of mine that I wanted to keep.  And no, I was not found, but I lead him to me by mistake...  That will certainly hurt my production as now I have no more turns to rebuild anything substantial in the time left.  I lost some ships also that I didnt mean too and that is killing me because they were my stealth (my second scout ship) and my razor (my second attacking ship).  That is placing more emphasis on me using my big Voyager and I already lost about 600K points today in damages.  I hope Kwae Zar and Tempest have a good run too the end because it looks like my days are numbered.

That was very poor turns management on my end - especially over the last few days.  All in all, this was the best tourney that I have played in so far as it had the most parity (in the beginning at least).  I dont think I will be playing after this for a while - maybe next the tourney, but probably not the side games.  I normally try to play about an hour a day, but I have been playing like 4-6 hours over the weekdays and that is just insane.....

So, I will finish as strong as I can......  and afterwards I think I will disappear for a little bit  

  Title: ..... lol..... Silly Big......
Aug 5, 2004 - 3:20 pm
Posted By: Bovine

If we can get a good look at Big's face, I think it would look like this:    I hate to bust Big's balls right now, but I have too.  I really dont want to, because I think we struck some kind of weird mutual understand/respect yesterday as we were talking openly for the first time ever!!    

In all seriousness though, "D.a.m.n. it Big!"  These teams were very even, and just because you dont like the team you are on, you should not have made an excuse and quit!  It just fuels the already negative perception that most people have of you.  I think your an alright guy, but, from what I have seen so far, you are prone to temper tantrums like this where you pound your fists because something didnt go your way!  It was honorable for you to admit that you tried to deceive the captains with an alias profile, but then after they posted a re-draft because of it, you still decided to mess everything up!  I suspect the real reason you quit was because you were paired with two players that you dont like that much (Tempest and myself) and also because you were caught and you dont like to be proven incorrect.  

Look, 2 out of the 4 tourneys that I have been apart of so far have had problems, and big was part of them.  The last draft tourney he was accused of some shady things (I am not sure if they were true or not) and that was a part of the reason why the captains decided to call it quits.  This draft tourney he decided to hide his identity so he can play with the only player he respects, and that is Tarnus, and be on his version of the "dream-team".  And that actually happened!  lol!  To what avail?  Complete domination of the next two-week tourney?  

All in all, I am sick of Big holding these tourneys hostage.  Just like a schoolyard bully needs a good butt-whoopin, Big needs one too   Who is the person to give it to him?   

Lets get another look at Big's face when he realized that he had to play with Tempest and myself:



Edit:  I know that big is going to take another swing at me, but this time I probably deserve it after he reads THIS bloggie blog blog!  

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Aug 1, 2004 - 4:29 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Alas, I cannot get into the chat room to see who is being picked and how deep in the draft I am going to go!    No doubt, I will be late in the draft as opposed to early, but I would still like to be able to see for myself!  lol   At home, all I have is a 56K, so I think that is why I cannt get in.  

If anybody can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated.  I would just like to know the basic play by play in the picking and trading.

Please!    Let me know, somebody!  

Thank you  

Edit 8-2-04

Found out that the draft had to be cancelled and redone.  *sigh*  Guess who ruined it?  This is disappointing and it makes no sense to me - why disguise yourself 100% by creating a whole new profile, not just an alias, when the sole purpose of a draft tourney is to even the playing field? It just prolongs the action......  

Disappointing, but not surprised.....  

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  Title: LOL
Jul 29, 2004 - 7:50 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Like I said before - the topic of time being played is over with.  I made my point without adding any rude comments.  There were no slams directed at anybody specifically.  It is childish.  

Skill is important, as I said, but time played makes the most difference given the playing field is equal.  Well, it is more equal NOW than it has ever been, so people simply need to play more to win.  Its that simple.

Also, you can poke holes in any arguement if you really wanted too........  blah, blah, blah, this discussion is really beneath ALL of us.........  

  Title: Answer to a question?
Jul 25, 2004 - 2:46 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Reading more blogs lately - most are great and some are just plain good   

Perhaps I should clearify something what I said earlier about real time devoted to this game.  What I would like to say is this:  "it is my opinion so just deal with it" LOL   However, I think a short explaination is in order.  I think that most people who are currently playing this game are an intelligent lot and with all this helpful information in these blogs, are becoming tougher and tougher.  So, therefor, what makes the biggest difference?  In my OPINION it is your commitment to sitting in front of your monitor, taking time from your real life (perhaps even putting things off, like I do sometimes) that makes a huge difference in this game.  Hell, its the biggest difference if you ask me.

Just like in the real world:  TIME = SUCCESS

Is this a bad thing?  Far be it from me to pass judgement on anybody's leisure activities.  Hell, I dont care really, but I just wanted to point that little fact out.  No, it is not a bad thing.  

What if somebody comprehends this game better than the next?  Certainly more ability is important and the top players have loads of it.  They are crafty, no doubt, and sometimes dubious, but how did they acquire this skill?  Perhaps playing this game, like me, alot?  

Anyway, I am moving off topic slightly.  I really appreciate this game and I play it too much - that is certain.  The side servers are fun and I love to play in them (one at a time of course), but the real meat in this game are the TOURNEYS!  Usually, most of the experienced players sign in, and in this situation, the player that wants to win the most will most likely be actively online the most.  The playing field is closer to being perfect (I said closer, but still not all the way there), which means that players' skills are closer to being equal. I think this is a good thing, believe me.

Lastly, the current game that I am in (Kitty Matrix), I certainly play alot in it.   Alot probably equals about an hour a day on average with ZERO time being played on the weekends.  By my standards, that is alot.... by other's standards, I know that is nothing.  

This is all the time that I will devote to this topic - I am done with it.  The game goes on, and I go on with it!    It is way too cool to stop playing, and at times (specifically the tourneys), and because I am way too competetive, I suspect I will play more than an hour a day (but not 3-4!  ).  I do tend to play more when a game means more to me, like the tourneys.  

But, watch, this topic will come up again in some random shout box, in some random game, and there will be malice behind whatever words are used and certainly behind the user.  That is a shame...... some players take this game too personally and too serious.  Unfortunately for me, I am one
of them at times, but those time are few and very far between   

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  Title: Kitty Matrix
Jul 23, 2004 - 6:34 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Is this game over yet?  That seems to be the question.  Our team has them by about 4X score now and we keep hitting them.  Namibia is getting better at hiding it seems, as his score is on the increase while he is offline, so it appears he is finally keeping some cash in the ground.  Interesting.  All in all, I like this server very much, but probably wont play on it again.  I like to move on and meet others and compete against new skills.  

signed up to play, but declined to be a capitano.  I prefer to be a mindless lemming when it comes right down to it.  Also, why take MORE time   to perform a duty that is meaningless to me in the real world?  Let someone else who gives a d.a.m.n take those reigns! And, I am not really sure why I even signed up....  too much of a time commitment if you wanna win, or even to be in the top 5.  I am talking like playing more than 3-4 hours a day, and man, this game is sure the coolest, but not for 3-4 hours a day.  We all know that the players who can play that much will certainly win.  

Which brings me to another thing I have thinking about with this game.  There are alot of interesting blogs with alot of useful information about building and now attacking out there.  But, no mention to what I just said about time devoted to the game.  I think that the playing field is much more even than what most think, but the thing that seperates the top 5 from the rest is MOSTLY time played, so if you wonder what these players are doing that is different from you - the answer is probably not too much.  They have the time to search more than you, build more than you, tend more often than you, and the kicker -- attack more than you!  They can more likely defend themselves better as they will be alerted to an attack (because they are online) and simply pull all the credits if outmatched.  

In my opinion, the game creators did a great job with making this game essentially turn based to limit real time in the game.  But, for tourneys, maybe there is something that can be done about those who can play 24/7?  I dont know if there can be, but figured I would pose that question.....

Well, take care all and good trading!  

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  Title: Kitty Matrix
Jul 14, 2004 - 9:46 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Wow, I say!  Fun, fun, fun is the name of this game.  I like to jump into a game when everyone else had a chance to start before me.  I jumped into this server a week late and and doing ok so far.  Still behind Namibia who has about 11mil points and I am second with about 7 mil.  Have some way to go, but our team is hitting them now.  They ruled this universe for the first week, but that is now over.  We picked up a few teammates that are good players (Lucy and Max and Kwae Zar) and that have been getting pushed around a little by Corn Field and Brainisgone.  That is now over....

Its funny, the tone of this server completely changed now that I am back in.  Its fun though.


we took about 75 of their planets, even my good friend Kor's.  Corn Field logged in and we still kept going.  She tried to take back some of her former planets and I quickly nova'd her - dont think I did too much damage unfortunately, becuase her score only dropped about 300K.  We found their main sector and Kor was the only one one for their team (it was Kor's main actually)  Renegade (my team) wanted some action, so we went for it - well Kor was too tough for us.  LoL - he nova'd the hell out of us from one of his SG's from inside his base and hit Dooku and Renegade's big ship.  He even hit me, but I was in my stealth, so no harm done really.  I was going to pursue this and do what I could to get him, but I was done as I played all day already - so, I left the attack in the hands of Renegade and Dooku.  Hope they got it!

All in all, it will be difficult to catch Namibia, but it is certain that I will.......  Heehee....  

  Title: Back in Action!
Jul 7, 2004 - 3:34 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Back in action after a much needed break from this game.  Joined a server that I played a while back and its always fun starting from the bottom well after everyone else started weeks ago.  I like that.  I like coming up through the ranks to hopefully   take the lead.  

Jun 27, 2004 - 1:32 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Did I say I am officially done with aatraders?  Nah, just taking a much needed brake - this is one of the best games that I have ever played and since I have a borderline obsessive/compulsive personality towards gaming and gambling, this game fits me all toooooo well.  

Quick update for Kitty Matrix:
Game is reset and over.  I think I took first, there was nobody even near me.  I completely knocked Brainisgone out of the game 100%.  I suspect they put together a hail mary strategy to take first place from me by him taking huge bounties (4.5trill roughly), then after three days, Namibia killing him to collect.  That would have been a huge boost in score for him and could have put him close to me.  HOwever, they didnt think that I would find Brain and kill him, thereby knocking him out of the game completely, so then Namibia couldnt collect any unearned dollars. I was weird though seeing all his planets go Indy right when I killed him.    After that, I think all their hope was gone......  All in all, it was a fun game.  Wont be back for a while over there though.

I will be back!  After the first day, the casinos over there took all my creds, so with only a few days left to play (before I leave for a trip), I decided it would be best to walk away, watch from the sidelines, and play another day.  According to Diablo I whined about losing at the casino - to which I respond I was darn right pissed about losing via the double-up method 11 times in a row!  OMG!! Doubled up 11 times straight and lost 11 times straight!  LoL, I mean anybody who plays blackjack in the real world knows that anything is possible with a wicked bad sleeve, and you can put the odds only slightly more in your favor by using a couple of proven strategies.  Well, the double-up method is NOT one of them, but will work for the most part to slowly grow your pile of cash, ONLY if you can back up the double. Usually, and this is the rub in Vegas, most people either cant stomach doubling consecutively, or cant afford to.   So, you lose 1 dollar, the next time you bet 2 and so on.....   I believe, according to probabilty and statistics, 7 times with a double-up strategy will slight the odds to you, but doesnt gaurantee success of course!  OH well, that is why I left this server..... went on tilt at the tables and had to no time to play to make up for it, especially once all my turns were toast.

Future games:
I want to reserve playing mostly for the tourneys, but look forward to playing an entirely new server when I come back in about 2 weeks.  So, good luck with the tourney, and remember this....  Second place is the first loser!  lol, JK.  

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  Title: Darkelves revisited
Jun 23, 2004 - 2:32 pm
Posted By: Bovine

  1.....2......3....... self-destruct.  I am officially done with aatraders...... it was good knowing ya......


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  Title: Kitty Matrix vol.1
Jun 18, 2004 - 12:30 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Started to play here following Darkelves and the game is going well.  I started playing with another name that I used to play with a long time ago, so no one would recognize me.  I am known to be a builder, but I wanted to completely change that strategy and go into more of an attacker style of play.
I initiated a team name "elite evil is a joke" just to see the reactions from Elite Evil Traders (I meant nothing personal) - and boy, did they jump all over it right away!  They assumed I was fiveyes, because of what Brainisgone did in the last tournament with our team, and they thought he was out to get revenge of Brain.  So, the little personal war (at least for them) began.....

We started over the shout box with taunts mostly, Namibia was pretty well ahead of everyone, as was Brainisgone (they have a strategy to borrow money from the feds early in the game and leverage or margin themselves to an early rise in score).  I did not attack them initially though, even though I found Nam's main three sectors early on.  I regret attacking Goju Jim the way I did - I cleaned him out 100%, destroyed his hull and took his sector with all his SG's.  That is not really my style, but like I said, its time to change things up a little (that has happened to me many times).  He self-destructed the next day   so that wasnt cool (on both our parts).  I then attacked Count Dooku and could have done the same, but held off in leu of what happened with Goju Jim.  It worked well for me, becuause we talk candidly now and have a good relationship   He is doing well in the game also at this point.  

After hitting Dooku's 3-4 sectors I decided to build up for a few days and become my own banker.  While I was doing that Nam was still taunting me over the shout box, well, we were taunting each other (to be fair) and I registered my profile, so they could know who it is thats about to do some damage to their sorry heads.    I hit many sectors of Elite Evil's, nothing huge though, but enough to be a thorn in their sides.  I took a few hits myself in the process and lost many points in repairs, so I remained in the 3-4 position for a while.  

Now, enter the fireworks!     I systematically destroyed all that Nam had - he had three blue sun sectors with appx 10 SG's full of planets backing it up.  He had hella SD in there and it was expensive and I had to empty my planets of all creds for upgrades and repairs because his SD's were HELLA on me...  The first day, I destroyed his first base (35 planets) and the second day I destroyed his 2nd and 3rd bases (about 70 more planets), oh, and also his big dog ship (voy!) and Brain's Razor (nicely upgraded) which they both had to sleep in becuase they didnt repay their loans yet - huge mistake on their ends!  However, there wasnt much loot either days - I think Nam susepected something was coming his way.  But, this was hell on them, and needless to say, I am well ahead in first place at this point with Dooku in second place not too far behind (he loves to hit them INdy's!, which gives about 20K in score per taken!)  

So, things have reversed, I have become a builder again (too many bounties at this point), and Nam and Brain are rebuilding their lost cities.  Kudos to them for not quittiing, because hell fell upon them and they are fighting through it, which is admirable.  Actually, the hit I put upon Nam only dropped him about 40% in score, so it wasnt complete decimation.  I took a 500 bil bounty two days ago for killing Brain's Razor which he was using to kill one of my known sectors - he dropped another 30% in score appx and I repaid my bounty in about 24 hours, so I only lost about 100K in score - not bad I guess.....

All in all, things are good over there and just wanted to give the update.

Tourney news:  looks like I wont be able to play in this one
      -    real life travel for about 9 days during the tourney wont be a help to any teammate that I would have played with.  Oh well, the next one though.......

Peace, and oh, I foster no ill will towards Big for naming me as 2nd biggest whiner - I have a tendency to use the shout box perhaps too negatively once I get my arse whipped ..... so no worries there.  It is funny actually   I am competitive after all, and certainly do not like to lose.  No biggie and no worries    

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  Title: Darkevles Revisited
Jun 14, 2004 - 4:25 pm
Posted By: Bovine

It was round two for darkelves and we didnt do so well again.  I dont normally quit a game, and this is the first time I did so, but Big was kicking our arses and he discoverd my little hole twice.  Obviously, it was my fault for leaving a trail the second time.  And the first time was discovered ealier in the game by Havic and I was hoping that he "missed" it, and wouldnt come back.  But, they did.....  

When someone can play all day 7 days a week, it is very easy for him to map out the galaxy and that kind of player is very difficult to beat.  

Lets face facts here, the winners of these games are normally the ones who can play the most.  That is just the way it is.....  This is why I had to drop out of this server, I couldnt devote the time it took to battle with Big.  So, when someone like Phaser wants to mention names and talk about quitters, perhaps he should at least take the time to ask me what is up?  I dont like it when someone quits a great game either......  essentially, the game is watered down a little bit, and that is no fun.  

Now, lets talk about whiners - yeah, that is something I dont like either - no one does.  But, its funny how Big whines when he is not number one - just pay attention, because he does.  He claimed that Tempest cheated by using "admin powers" when, earlier in the game he was far behind him.  

Anyway, I am playing over in Kitty Matix, which is pleasantly slower than Darkelves, which is cool for now.  I turned into an aggressive attacker just to see how it fit me, and I have discovered that is an entirely different dynamic to the game, and the Rush!  I started a little war with another team and it is turning into a nice little grudge match - too bad some people take things way too seriously over there though

Anyway, just wanted to say a few things.....

Edit - of course no problem Mr. Phaser - no offense taken.  I did quit the game though becuase I didnt want to devote the energy required to fight back again.  I actually like being behind and trying to mount comebacks, but, there is no comeback potential on that server at this point.  No bounties is a cool way to play, but man, its hard once you are the low man on the totem pole.....  Dig?   And, you know what?  It wasnt that important to me, so I figured I would start-up another game that recently had a reset and play there, and I am glad I did - it is a slower game, so I dont have to worry about getting waxed every time I log-out.

Cheating.....  Listen, I believe that Tarnus doesnt cheat, so for those of you who throw that out casually, you should really watch what you say.  Accusations of cheating are normally untrue.  I can appreciate anger when you dont understand what just happened and why you just got killed - hell, I saw red twice last game on Darkelves when I logged-in after about 2 hours of not playing to find that my entire hole was cleaned out.  Both times I probably lost 100+ planets, and I threw out a few ugly comments on the shout box directed at Big, but no accusations of cheating.  So, at times emotions run high, just understand that this game has ZERO importance in your real lives....  


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  Title: End of Darkelves
May 14, 2004 - 1:04 pm
Posted By: Bovine

For those of you who might be wondering what happened to me.  I decided to hang-up my reigns over on the darkelves server - it was a great and fun game, but I can only devote serious time to one game at a time, and besides I think the admin is going to reset soon anyhow.  

So, this is the story of the last 24 hours on that server for me - read this, because it was a good one.  First, it started with me logging on only to find that I was floating in sector 1 in a Pioneer.  Jack (Tarnus) and Alien (Moonraker) found my main SG network and took about 500Tril from me from the front planets.  The network was about 15-16 deep with my banks at the bottom, and they didnt make it there before I logged back in to remove the rest of the cash from the planets - which about another 600 Tril.  

Tarnus said that Alien found me, and I dont know how he did, but kudos to him for doing it.  After that I went to the casino and was betting 20 Tril - 100 Tril at a time and ended up making about 2 Quadrillion - that was very lucky, and I dont normally do that, but I was going to end this game today anyway so I figured what the hell.  Oh yah - after they took the 500Tril from me, my score went from 40mil to about 32mil, but after the nice run at the casino, my score was at 50mil.  

Alright - I get alittle long-winded, I know, I know...   I then upgraded my excel and figured I would search the galaxy for Jack's hole, and others, as well as pick up as much debris as possible.  I found Tempest right away and nova bombed his planet - he went from 80mil to 32mil!  I was like, holy crap!  I then destroyed his Voy which EWD off the planet.  That was exciting enough, then Jack logged-in.  We went to war alittle bit and he tried to trap me with a nova in his Endy, but he underestimated me, but then he EWD and ran to sector 1.  Just before that though he was setting up his trap with his excel and I found him, but he fled to fast for me to even scan him.  As I was doing that Tempest logs in, sees what happened and found me and nova'd my HUGE ship and that hurt my score again.  So, then I sold all ships and pulled out creds from IGB and gambled it all away.  

Gearing up for the tourney anwhow....  

  Title: Darkelves Server part3!
May 7, 2004 - 6:43 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Oh well - lost my tub.  My excel that I had at 38's -39's.  I always get bored later in the game, like now.  Its a week before the tourney, so thats far off, and although the action is decent over at Darkelves, I am bored with it.  I tried to cloak past 200Mil in fighters off an Indy's sector.  Lol - Well, in this game the Indy's are like 32-39's on average, so I guess this one had a planey in there with high sensors, because they saw me and they killed me.  Grrrr....  I lost about 10 mil in score, but I am still 3rd.  I would have caught Tempest probably tomorrow, but not now.  That was dumb, and I even knew there was a high chance of my ship getting destroyed before I tried to cloak, but like I said, I am getting bored a little here.  I have enough money to get my ship close to where it was before, but I will hold off on doing that for now.  

My one sector is holding nicely though.  I have about 1 bil in fighters in there and my main planet has 40's, so it should hold.  Boy, does it need to - I have way too much behind it to lose it now.  Especially after losing my tub.  Grrrrrrr.....

Edit: I hear that Tarnus wants to start attacking?  well, let him - I expect my sector to be nova'd soon enough with him behind the helm.  Also, that loss of about 10mil in score really hurt...  Stupid mistakes because of boredom.  However, I will still climb to the top soon enough with productive play.  I wont go debris hunting - I dont like it - no offense to you Tempest.  I dont like to pursue the unearned, and debris hunting is just that - unearned.  Also,like I said, I get bored easy, so do you think that I can actually blow like 10K in turns searching the universe sector by sector?  Hell nah...  

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  Title: Darkelves part 2
May 3, 2004 - 5:23 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Ok, Ok, the admin just changed this server around recently and for the better.  IGB used to have virtually no cap and was paying 10%.  Only two players figured out that IGB was the way to go, but others, like me, followed suit.  Now, IGB is a max of 100 Trillion, which is still big, but will keep the rampant increase in score for those who are big in score.  

I like to build and manage my planets to as close to perfection as I can.  I am third place at about 35mil, and chasing Tempest and Sandman at about 49mil for them both.  Their scores grew through use of the IGB, and I grew to about 20mil using IGB before the admin switched it around.  My score is increasing quickly now and their scores are not.  I think I will catch these two soon enough as I am currently cranking out the creds on the planets.  Tempest seems to think that keeping money on planets is not a good idea.  I am glad he thinks that way, because lets face facts, that is what 2.0 is all about -  THE PLANETS.  

They will hit me soon enough, but that is way things go I guess.  They know where my sector is, I know that they do, but I have mucho defense in there, so I think that I am ok.  I have a ton of SG's off that sector with about 200 planets off that as well.  All of them have about 2-5 tril on them and growing that much overnight, so things are cranking.  HEhee... if they hit me, then oh well - I am gearing up for the draft tourney anyway..

  Title: Darkelves Server
Apr 19, 2004 - 1:03 pm
Posted By: Bovine

This is an interesting server indeed.  It took me about 1 1/2 weeks to figure out how to play it - which, for this game is entirely too long.  I didnt understand how Tempest could be growing so much with such a limited planet base, but then I discovered that the debris in this game is different from others.  At least I think it is different.  I mean we were picking up packages with 30 million plus in fighters and torps and I dont think anybody hit a nova bomb debris field yet.  Some knew about this huge advantage early in the game and there score reflects it.  I suspected cheating and immediately voiced my opinion, but only to find out that there indeed is no cheating, at least I dont think there is.  The reason why I no longer suspect cheating is that Sandman (Fakecajun) is winning this server be doing things the old fashion way - building and trading and attacking, not banking on debris to upgrade ur ship.  I respect that, and its a good thing that I am on his team.  

At this point I am rebuilding - as I sort of blew my load earlier in the game by attacking too aggressively (Naelr).  I showed my cards so I had to keep going for his main sector.  That struck a nerve with the Space Monkeys and their buddy, Gune.  I guess they had me scoped out with spies earlier and with the help of alot of debris, they were able to bypass (kill I mean) 32Mil fighters like they were butter and take out a few sectors with some SG networks behing them.  No attack and run, no nova bombing, just outright attacking the sector.  Man, if I only knew about the debris on this server.  Well, now I do, so things will be different......  

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  Title: Trading
Apr 13, 2004 - 5:16 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Just thought I would add a few words on the art of trading.  Ok, here they are...  buy low and sell high.  If you can figure out what that means then you are way ahead of the majority of people who play this game.  Or how about this one - before you use a port to trade with, check it first to see what the port is trading at for various resources.  Remember, this game is all about the profit, and rewards big for the HIGH profit.  So, basically stick to the basics with trading and dont max out that route - that is the worst thing you can do.  Trade until you are about 25% lower than you were for the very first trade you ran.  This is a good rule of thumb I suppose.  Those of you out there that simply put in 200 or more times to run that route are missing the boat here!  Especially when your hull size becomes larger - the more product you trade, the faster you deplete the effectiveness of that port.  Be smart with trading and you can make loads of cash - you also need to be patient, actually very patient.  

Apr 7, 2004 - 8:13 pm
Posted By: Bovine

Wow - ever read your own typing?  LOL - damn, I made alot of typing mistakes.  Sorry, but I hope you followed well enough

Apr 6, 2004 - 2:41 pm
Posted By: Bovine


Figured I would post something here - think its kinda cool actually.  I just quit both the main and the team tourney recently.  I suppose real life came a-calling for me.  However, I did hurt by Nixon (Big) in the tourney pretty badly.  I had a huge network of SG's off a red sun upgrade port well defended for that point in the game with appx 10mil fighters.  Had about 60-70 planets underneath that bottleneck and WHAM!!  here comes Nixon with some Nova's.  

The reason I suppose he was coming hard at me was the day before I took about 15 of his planets - and boy, it got personal real fast for him.  As a matter of fact, I come to find out that his team (Dead Presidents) were planning as a team to hit my main later that day, but he jumped the gun.  Follow me so far?  The bad news for me, was I lost my muscle ship the day before as I was hitting his planets - lvl 28 Razor - pretty good for 5 days from the start.

The reason I lost that hoss was I was stupid as hell!  Ok, here is the rundown for those who are long-winded like myself.  I nova'd Nixon's sector and then was able to cloak past his sector D, as his planets lost some tech.  I then snuffed all his planets, took the cash, and burned them all.  As I should I suppose.  You wanna know what I did then?!?  I thought I would then attack his sector D with my ship.  Why did I do that?  Who the hell knows - even good players make huge mistakes at times.  I found myself floating in Sol.

Next day, I log-on and check my log, only to discover that ole boy Nixon died trying to cloak past my sector D in my main!!  Huray!  Evil does die!  That didnt put too much of a dent in his aggressiveness though - as a matter of fact, I think that only provided him with more fuel for some revenge on me.  I play for roughly a 1/2 hour more and message appears - "Nixon is Nova Bombing your ass!"  So, I quickly consolidated all creds to my ship and dumped them in my second main.  

At this point I could have ran away - but guess what?  I had to fight - those 60 planets deep in all those SG's were too much work! I could have held him off - I mean he nova'd that sector like 8-9 times with me in it - I can only imagine how many misfires he had and how much damage he took on his ship (a Razor I believe).  I had the resources and I kept laying more sector D.  My teammate Fiveyes was online also and was getting ready to counter him.  Guess what happened?  And this is the truth - go disconnected!  You see, I was playing from home and all I have at home is a 56K!  So, it was like 30 seconds per page to load in anyway which totally suxor'd.  Grrr....  Circumstances, but that resulted from me being too aggressive the first day and losing my Razor.  Found out later that alll he had was lvl 26/27.  I would have eaten him alive.  

So, to wrap this story up.  I begin to rebuild, but grew a little restless and two days past and I decided to hit my main which they now have.  All of them were offline so I led with a few novas then cloaked past the remaining sector D with my shiny new Razor.  I was able to pilage about 20-25 planets and burn them to cinders before Kennedy (Moonraker) jumped online and spoiled things for me.  He sat his ship in the main sector so the sector D would see me if I trying to cloak past it again.  So, I nova'd him!  Hurt him bad too, which was cool.  I continued a few more times cloaking past the sector D and going to the SG's to take back my planets.  Then I hit the wall - I scanned 2-3 times before I cloaked into the main, but Kennedy must have jumped into it right before I did.  Sneaky, very sneaky...  I died again.  

So, I was floating in Sol again and tried to access the shipyard there to get my Endy out, but got towed too fast.  I then made the mistake that turned out being the straw that broke the camel's back for me.  I asked Kennedy for a link to an upgrade port.  You see, up till that port him and I had some repor going and I thought he was a fair player.  He probably still is, but its tourney play, and he took me out instead.  I suppose its fair because its tourney, but it still doesnt sit well with me.  He did tell me not to worry - that he wouldnt kill me.  I fragged me and in my eyes thats shady - but again, its tourney and once someone is out - they cant get back in.  So, I dont wanna sound like a baby about this, but I wouldnt have done that - not if I told him I wasnt going to anyway.  But, oh well...

Thanks for reading this story - I guess the leason here is this..  "Listen to your teammates who know more than you do and play smarter, always play smarter."

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